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I'd like to share with you my most recent discoveries.....

Just Frankly

"Thank's so much for always caring & encouraging me!" I pray all is well for you!  God bless you & your ministry.  It's a breath of fresh air to read your daily posts on Facebook!

"Please keep sharing, motivating and encouraging us... think beyond what we know AND believe beyond what we see!"

"You are right on with your website, Frankly Speaking Now...

...keep it coming!"
"God loves you so very much & so do I."


Composing, arranging, recording, producing, worshiping, studying, teaching, writing, motivating, encouraging, inspiring, relating,

      sharing, expressing & loving.    




Most of the time, I've viewed my FAITH in THE LORD as my number one priority.

Owning my own businesses, and being in management over others, taught me  lots of organanizational skills  I wouldn't have possesseed otherwise.  I learned many leadership skills and aquired the responsiblity, wisdom & insight I would not have had  in different circumstances.

I've always been in full time ministry, while possessing a full time job. God has used each situation to "deposit" all I was lacking, plus give what would  be needed in the future seasons & chapters of my to manage my time, relating to those of diferent beliefs and waiting on God for the "right" moments to share.  He was teaching me a "work place" ministry.

The Lord always provides favor and is faithful to open doors of opportunity to start bible studies, prayer groups, or home churches every place I seemed to find myself. He wants to do the same through YOU....(click to read more)


I'm honored that I'm able to share ALL  I've learned through all my mistakes & failures!


I have become an EXPERT on God's compassion, mercy, grace, forgiveness & unconditional LOVE! Some of it was because of much study, but most is because I've needed to EXPERIENCE it firsthand, because, I was expert on SIN.  But...GOD is able to take  all the "ingredients" of our lives...the good & the bad, miraculously turning them into something HE can use for GOOD! That's AMAZING!

My daughter placed a pin on me that says, "I'm Loved." God has placed HIS LOVE within each and every heart!

It's just Me being me...

My daughter has described the photo to the right as, "You're a DORK, Dad!"  LOL! YOU are shaking your head up & down in agreement.  Although you BOTH may be right, I still have to be who I am...true to myself & who God made me to be. It's hard for us to break out of the "boxes" others want to place us in, but we MUST to be ALL we are destined to be.  I desire to HELP!

Because of ALL I've experienced, good & bad, I love allowing The Lord to use me to bring HIS forgiveness, liberty, freedom & healing to the body of Christ & the workplace.  There are so many hurting people clinging to their past wounds, mistakes & decisions. It is TIME to discover THE WAY out.  That's ONE thing I do!

It's TIME to go forward.  God is full of mercy, grace, forgiveness & unconditional love for all, and there is NO REASON not to receive ALL He has. He DOES NOT point fingers,or condemn us. Everything HE does is designed to draw us to HIS goodness & free us from guilt & the rear view mirrors of the past!  Choose to go forward!

I have determined to choose each day NOT to live in a place of matter what ALL    may look like, feel like, or seem. Join me NOW!