Frank Withers


                                    Follower of christ

It's been my desire, from an early age, to affect others in a postive way with the gifts & talents God has given me.  The result has been...I love to write, teach, speak, play music and encourage others using those abilities.  Within these pages, hopefully you will find the help & inspiration to use yours, also.

Still...Frankly Speaking Now!

Latest Songs

My Eyes Look to You
This is the title track to one of my latest demo cd's. Enjoy!

The Narrow Road

Lyrics out of the Word, with a twist... The music is all ME. I hope you enjoy!

A Retro Mix, Instrumental
Think I don't do classic Rock? I do! I've given this original  my own touch.

I couldn't be more pleased that you've found my personal website!


This is my "official" PERSONAL website, created to give FREE  inspiration, encouragement, joy... and even HELP, if you need it. You will have access to, and hopefully discover, many awesome videos, devotionals, letters & various other forms of content that will motivate, inspire, encourage & bring the desire to be MORE. Please visit my MAIN website FRANKLY SPEAKING NOW for more. You'll also find me posting often on  FACEBOOK,  TWITTER  &  INSTAGRAM.  Please, find me there!

Hopefully, the content you discover, browsing these pages, will revitalize you to focus on all the RIGHT stop feeling sorry for reignite the "fire" within you, or inspire you to try again.  Maybe you'll find the necessary TOOLS  that will help you  "go through" whatever you're facing at this very moment. It could SEE something, or HEAR something that makes you burst out LAUGHING...or, maybe it brings tears to your eyes because your HEART  was touched. This may be the moment you READ something, unexpectedly, and you're never the same again.  These are the moments that can change a life...forever.   These are the REASONS I do what I do!  :)

It's too Late!
My take on "giving account" on Judgement Day.  Pray for others!

I Don't Understand

One thing I've learned. He never leaves matter how it feels!